DBS checks for businesses, organisations and charities

Basic DBS Checks
(fast turnaround*)

Used by a wide range of organisations to check for unspent convictions. No specific restriction criteria.

DBS Checks

Standard Disclosure is primarily used for people entering legal or accountancy firms.

DBS Checks

Posts involving work in ‘Regulated Activity’, or for a regulated activity provider with children or vul. adults.

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  • Please note: if your enquiry is about a screening check you are undergoing at the moment, please use the Applicant Support Form instead. Many thanks!

  • Please note: we're not able to offer single DBS checks to individuals.
  • Please note: we're not able to offer single DBS checks to individuals.
  • There are strict eligibility rules regarding the entitlement to apply for Standard and Enhanced DBS checks, so you must ensure that your applicants are eligible for them before applying. It is your legal responsibility to ensure you are applying for the correct type of disclosure; no refunds can be issued after the application process has commenced. Find out more about the eligibility rules. You can view our full Terms and Conditions here. Any data you provide will also be handled in line with our Privacy Policy.
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Employers are obliged to make candidates aware as soon as possible that a criminal record check is a requirement for the job, complying with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.  Staffvetting can assist your HR team to design a recruitment process which complies with the Act.


The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 defines a conviction is deemed spent when a defined period of time (or rehabilitation period) has passed after the individual has been sentenced. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act sets out rehabilitation periods for each type of crime. Once a conviction is spent, it will no longer appear on a basic disclosure certificate. Spent convictions should not negatively count against a candidate.

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All applicants will be asked for consent to apply for any type of criminality check however there are strict eligibility rules regarding Standard and Enhanced DBS checks. Please click on the button below for more details.

DBS Eligibility Check

There are three main types of criminality checks within the UK.

We offer all three checks being Basic, Standard and Enhanced criminality checks – each level provides a different level of disclosure, assurance and eligibility.

As an individual we can process your Basic DBS only as a Standard and Enhanced DBS can only be processed through an organisation or business. Not sure which Criminality check applies to your organisation please call one of our advisor’s  on 0191 5887980.

* The fastest time we have received an electronic confirmation of an applicant’s basic criminality result once a completed application form has been submitted to DBS is three minutes and forty seconds. Many applications being processed using this new online system have the electronic results within one day of submission, however responses times can fluctuate depending on volume being processed. The current average time for a response recently is between two and five days after submission. Please note original certificates are physically dispatched via normal mail after the receipt of the electronic result by The Disclosure and Barring Service not Staffvetting.com, these may take several days to be delivered.