Standard/Enhanced DBS checks – COVID19 Fast Track Response

Applications for enhanced DBS checks for certain roles relating to COVID-19 are now eligible for barred-list checking within 24 hours. For a full list of eligible roles, please visit the GOV.UK website at the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-free-of-charge-dbs-applications-and-fast-track-barred-list-check-service/fast-track-service-eligible-roles

The Department for Health and Social Care have advised employers that if there is no match against the barred lists, the applicant can be recruited in advance of receiving the full DBS certificate.

Existing Clients – To Ensure DBS Free-Of-Charge Roles

Staffvetting are working with DBS to make sure all applicable roles are processed in line with this guidance, so please ensure you take the following action to notify us of each application requiring fast-track service:

  1. Create a new check as usual
  2. In the ‘job-role’ field enter ‘COVID-19’ after the job role as shown below

3. Ensure the applicant is identified as a ‘Volunteer’ as shown below.

4. Our team will process the check immediately upon the submission of a correctly completed application and will provide the outcome via email within approximately 24 hours.

All applications relating to DBS definition of COVID-19 roles will be charged a administration fee.

All applicants will be asked for consent to apply for any type of criminality check however there are strict eligibility rules regarding Standard and Enhanced DBS checks. Please click on the button below for more details.