Corporate Social Responsibility

The purpose of this document is to describe ’s policy concerning its Corporate Social Responsibility. It specifically relates to, applies to and concerns all current employees, job applicants, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which we operate. recognises that:

  • Our employees depend on our business and we depend upon their efforts;
  • Our customers, suppliers and the local community may be affected by what we do;
  • Our products and services have an effect on the environment.

Our customers and our employees are the heart of what we do. We strive to provide our employees with the opportunity to excel and to give them the time, resources and encouragement to develop their skills and qualifications. We are a friendly and informal company, and believe that this is an appropriate atmosphere for work and that people will give their best in such an environment. We operate an informal communications programme, with regular discussions between employees, managers and senior management.

Our customers rely on us to produce the products and services we advertise. Our contracts clearly set out the agreed terms and conditions for our products and services. We take all feedback seriously, and monitor it through a review process. We always endeavour to improve our environmental performance through implementation of our Environmental Policy and encourage our suppliers and contractors to adopt responsible business policies and practices for mutual benefit. We uphold the values of integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers alike. We support the local community and encourage our employees to help local community organisations in our region.

The Managing Director has executive-level responsibility for this policy, its subsequent implementation, and is to make the appropriate resources available in order to properly effect the company’s corporate and social responsibilities described herein. All employees throughout the company are responsible for adhering to and working in accordance with this policy.

Letter from our MD

Stephen Brown
Managing Director

In any field of life an individual can have a positive influence on society.   I feel it is extremely important to have a dream of making a positive difference, even if it is something very small.   At, our social responsibility goal is to empower every person and every organisation we connect with, to make that positive change making sure we lead by example.

We are a growing SME, nonetheless to make a real and meaningful start we have created a social responsibility plan called ‘First Steps’. ‘First Steps’ is basically us as an organisation walking the walk, focusing on our core desires we can really get behind and giving back to the community in whatever way we can. My personal two desires are to support the vulnerable within our local community both children and adults and to become more environmentally friendly, reducing our company’s carbon footprint, promoting more sustainable methods of operation inside and outside our organisation.