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Looking for a Responsible Organisation (RO) to provide Basic DBS checks?

We provide rapid*, simple and quality-assured Basic DBS checks at a competitive price. Onboarding clients within 24 hours, we also offer a pilot service to allow you to test and operate the system without long-term commitment, and pay only for the Basic DBS checks you process. If you’re looking for Standard or Enhanced DBS checks, please see our Enhanced DBS checks page instead.

* The fastest time we have received an electronic confirmation of an applicant’s criminality result once a valid, completed application form has been verified, checked and submitted to DBS is three minutes and forty seconds.

Fast Turnaround *
No Setup Fees or Exclusivity Contracts
Secure and Fully Automated On-boarding
Competitive Pricing
Quality Assured (NSI Gold Accredited)

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New DBS Certificate Process

While the electronic DBS result will continue to appear in our vetting portal, and be attached to your vetting report as normal, we want to alert Clients to the changes in the consent process for Applicants: they can now request the completed Basic DBS certificate be sent to their home address.

If they chose this option while filling in the form, the Client will need to request a copy from them directly – we aren’t allowed to do this on a Client’s behalf and never receive the paper certificates.  Our online portal also has a colour-coding system which notifies you of any completed checks which may contain relevant information and we will confirm in future correspondence how you can access this moving forward. The DBS  will continue to send Standard and Enhanced paper certificates directly to the Applicant – there is no change there.

The Basic DBS checks process:

  1. The “Sponsor” (our Client) creates an application and the applicant receives an email inviting them to complete the application form.
  2. The Applicant completes the application and submits it, with their consent, to the Client for review.
  3. The Client checks the application – The Client must check the Applicant’s documents and information are valid before submitting it to DBS e.g.:
    • Full name
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Birth
    • Gender
    • Current address
    • Email address
    • Mobile number
  4. Client submits to DBS – Any Basic DBS applications that a client submits through our portal are always sent directly to DBS for processing – the Staffvetting team don’t review or process them – this means it’s vital that the client verifies the information provided by Applicants matches their uploaded documents.
  5. Digital Results – The digital result is viewable in our screening portal and shows either: “Certificate contains no information”, which means no adverse information has been found. Or, it will say, “Please view the certificate”, which means a conviction has been found and will only be listed on the paper certificate for data protection.
  6. Paper Certificate – The DBS will post the Basic DBS paper certificate to either the Client’s office address or applicant’s current home address upon completion.

Important to know about Basic DBS checks:

  • DBS will contact the Applicant directly if they need them to clarify anything at any point during the process, or if they need to provide more documents, information or clarity.
  • We make no judgments about an applicant’s suitability for the role for which they are applying. That is the Client’s responsibility.
  • We also have a strict Mutual Respect Policy in place which seeks to treat everyone we work with, with kindness, dignity and respect.

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  • Please note: we're not able to offer single DBS checks to individuals.
  • Please note: we're not able to offer single DBS checks to individuals.
  • There are strict eligibility rules regarding the entitlement to apply for Standard and Enhanced DBS checks, so you must ensure that your applicants are eligible for them before applying. It is your legal responsibility to ensure you are applying for the correct type of disclosure; no refunds can be issued after the application process has commenced. Find out more about the eligibility rules.

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    You can view our Mutual Respect Policy on our FAQ page too.

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