Can I use an Acceptance of Risk for unverified periods of employment?

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Can I use an Acceptance of Risk for unverified periods of employment?

No, the BS7858 standard explains that an Acceptance of Risk can only be used for the following 4 scenarios:

  • The applicant is an active Director of another Company
  • The applicant has County Court Judgement(s) to the value of over £10,000.00
  • The applicant has a Bankruptcy Order
  • Extending the allowed screening period by a maximum of a further 4 weeks to allow further information to be gathered

The standard of screening we carry out identifies the above as potential ‘risks’ to Employers, and encourages further investigation prior to the offer of conditional employment, with an expectation that the applicant must make representation about the concern.  If an Organisation is satisfied that the applicant’s financial history does not constitute a risk, then an executive of the employing Organisation, having reviewed the documentation, signs to accept the risk.

The reasoning behind the Acceptance of Risk in cases of an active Directorship is to ensure there will be no conflict of interests prior to offer of employment.

With regards to the County Court Judgement found following the Consumer Information Search Staffvetting are made not aware of the circumstances for the CCJ being issued, only the amount of the CCJ and the date of issue.

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