What is a Consumer Information Search? Credit Check?

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What is a Consumer Information Search? Credit Check?

The Consumer Information Search, or credit check, we carry out shows any active or satisfied CCJs, or bankruptcies in an applicant’s history within the past five years, but it does not disclose to us why they were issued with these. We also carry out checks for company directorships and IVAs (Independent Voluntary Arrangements) as part of this search.

If this search reveals any “adverse” information e.g., that an applicant has a CCJ, this does not mean an applicant will fail the screening or not be offered employment.

We simply provide this information to our clients to enable them to carry out a risk assessment and make a decision about how this might affect their decision to recruit the person and the role they wanted to offer them.

We don’t make any judgments about a person’s suitability to be employed, we only carry out the screening and pass the information we receive to our client for review.

  • This type of search won’t affect an applicant’s credit rating either.