What is a Subject Access Request? SAR?

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What is a Subject Access Request? SAR?

Individuals (e.g. employees) have a right to be informed by an organisation (e.g. their employer) whether or not it is processing personal data that relates to them and, if so, to be told:

  • What personal data it is being processed.
  • The purposes for which the personal data is being processed.
  • Who, if anyone, the personal data is disclosed to.
  • The extent to which it is using the personal data for the purpose of making automated decisions relating to the data subject and, if so, what logic is being used for that purpose.

Employers are required to respond to an SAR by providing, in an intelligible and secure form, copies of the personal data and any information about the sources of the data.

  • You can raise an SAR at any time with your employer (past or present) e.g. by emailing them.
  • You do not have to pay for an SAR to be processed or for the results.
  • You can also raise a Subject Access Request with us by emailing data.controller@staffvetting.com with SAR in the Subject line.
  • Have a look at the ICO’s website for more information about Subject Access Requests.
  • There is currently a one calendar month time limit to respond to an SAR, which starts from the day of receiving the request.