What is the DBS fingerprinting process?

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What is the DBS fingerprinting process?

In certain exceptional and rare cases, it may be necessary for an applicant to provide fingerprints as proof of their ID.

  • This process can take an undefinable period of time to complete so we only advise taking this route if routes 1, 2 or 3 are absolutely impossible.

If fingerprinting is the only possible route, we will send a paper application to the Client to start the process, and the Applicant is always consulted too. There is no electronic or online fingerprinting application form available.

Any letters the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) issues to an Applicant requesting fingerprints have the process provided on them. This covers all aspects and what to expect. This information is also provided on the cover letter the DBS issues to Registered Bodies (in this case Staff Vetting Ltd.) to advise when they have requested consent from an Applicant.

Fingerprints are requested due to information found on a Police National Computer record that holds similar identity details to the Applicant’s. If the Applicant knows of any offences they have that this information pertains to then they can contact the DBS and provide this information over the phone, or alternatively they can complete and return the Voluntary Disclosure Form included.

The DBS asks that the consent form is also returned even if an Applicant believes the offence does not relate to them, this is because we may not be able to fully confirm if the record belongs to the Applicant or not. If it does not then the DBS would still require the Applicant to provide fingerprints and by having the completed consent form they can limit any further delay to the Applicant.

Upon receipt of the consent form and photos, the DBS issues this to the Applicant’s Local Police Force (LPF) who will then contact the Applicant to arrange a convenient time and location to attend fingerprinting.

The fingerprints are then analysed and the results returned to the DBS. Once these are received, they will then progress the application. The Applicant’s fingerprints are destroyed after analysis unless required in connection with the investigation of an offence. They are not retained by the DBS or entered onto the Police National Fingerprint Database.

More information about this process is also available on the .GOV website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dbs-certificate-disputes-and-fingerprint-consent-forms-and-guidance-af14-af15/dbs-certificate-disputes-and-fingerprint-consent-guidance