Who will see my information and final report?

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Who will see my information and final report?

Our Screening Officers and your Sponsor (the company paying for your screening) will see your application data. They will also see the final report, which includes all documents and communications associated with your screening e.g. your application form, criminal record check results, credit report, employer and character references, and emails back and forth to us and to third parties etc.

When a Sponsor asks an applicant to go through screening, we appreciate it can be a challenging and intrusive process, and we share your concerns about how your personal data is being used. It might therefore reassure you to know we carry out the screening checks to the highest standards and everyone in our team has had a DBS check carried out. They have also been vetted to British Standard BS7858. So they have gone through a very extensive screening process, much more extensive than most people go through.

Hopefully this should reassure you that everyone in our team is trustworthy and reliable and treats your data with the greatest confidentiality. We also provide everyone in our team with extensive training about how to handle personal data and we fully comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act, both of which govern how data should be handled.