What is the BPSS screening process?

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What is the BPSS screening process?

Here’s the basic process and what checks we carry out during BPSS security clearance checks:

  1. The Applicant completes the application
  2. We (Staffvetting) carry out the checks, contacting the applicant for more documents if necessary.
  3. QA – This is where we review the entire application and check it meets the BPSS security clearance check’s criteria.
  4. Reporting (to the Sponsor, our Client) – This is where we report the outcome to the client.

Important to know about BPSS security clearance checks:

  • We will contact the applicant directly if we need them to clarify anything at any point during the process, or if they need to provide more documents or alternative evidence.
  • We make no judgments about an applicant’s suitability for the role for which they are applying. That is the Client’s responsibility.
  • We are obliged to follow the British Standard with respect to how we carry out the checks and what evidence is acceptable to meet the Standard.
  • The screening process is always carried out with the applicant’s full consent.
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