What is the BS7858 screening process?

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What is the BS7858 screening process?

The BS7858 screening process is:

  1. Get all your documents together – see the list of Acceptable Documents
  2. Complete the application form – we’ll email you a link to it
  3. Your sponsor checks it and submits it to us
  4. We carry out a consent, ID and address check, Credit check and apply for the Basic DBS check.
  5. Pre-Employment Checks (not applicable to every applicant) – we check your last 3-year’s employment.
  6. Full 5-year Career History – this is where we ask your previous employers for a reference.
  7. QA – this is where we review the entire application and check it meets the BS7858 Standard’s requirements.
  8. Reporting – this is where we report the outcome to your sponsor (our client).

You can find out more about the BS7858 screening process on our BS7858 Support page for applicants.

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