BS7858 – Completing Your Application Form

If you are completing your online form or have questions about BS7858 screening, we are here to guide you through the process from application to completion.

Before you begin, please watch this short video.

Next Steps

We will email you a link to the BS7858 application form, but before you fill it it, you’ll need to have copies of some important documents at hand that show your name and current address because these will speed the process up and reduce delays:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence (photo)
  • Utility bills or bank statements
  • National Insurance records

As you progress through the online form, you’ll be asked to upload these and copies of other documents to support your application.

  • Copies of your documents must always be clear and readable.

Apply for your NI records

We strongly advise you to download your NI records for free before filling in the BS7858 application form. They are one of the best types of evidence we accept and having them will save you having to upload copies of lots of different documents for each period of work you list on your application.

You can apply for your NI records for free at this government webpage: Check your National Insurance record – GOV.UK. This should only take a few minutes and you’ll need your NI Number. Please have these ready to upload to your application.

Pre-Employment Checks (Last 3-Years)

We will verify a total of five years’ career history as part of the BS7858 check, but if your Sponsor requests it e.g. because they need you on site very quickly, we will start by carrying out Pre-Employment Checks which means verifying the last three years of your career history first.

For example:

If you’ve had one job for the last three years, you’ll need to provide two documents: one covering the beginning and end of each period of employment in the last three years. For example, you could provide your first payslip and your P45.

Why the need for two documents per period? Because the British Standard now requires a much higher degree of evidence from Applicants to support each period of their employment for the last three years.

5-Year Career History

We will need to verify all career history periods for the past five years. This means we’ll contact your previous employers, educational establishments, Department for Work & Pensions etc. It can take time for these third parties to respond to us so having your NI records will help speed the process up because it might mean we don’t have to rely on these third-party references.

Accurate Dates and Names

Please ensure you accurately record your exact dates of previous employment and unemployment etc. over the past five years. Any gaps in employment will still need to be supported by evidence.

Examples of documents we can accept include:

  • NI Records
  • Payslips (one from the start date and one from the end date).
  • Bank statements showing showing salary being received from your employer(s).
  • P45/P60
  • Any correspondence from your employer(s) supplied on company letterhead.

Supporting Documentation

If you haven’t applied for your NI records, you must upload three (3) supporting documents for each period of career history in the past five years: one document from the beginning, middle and end of each period of employment, unemployment, education, travel or other career gap period.

For example, if you have been employed for a company from Jan 2019 to Dec 2019, you must upload one supporting document from Jan-Feb 2019, one document from December 2019 confirming your last payment, and one document from the middle e.g. June/July.

Acceptable documents for a BS7858 5-year Career History check include:

  • Employment – Payslips, NI Records, P45, P60, letter of redundancy.
  • Self-employment – Self-Assessment Annual Tax Returns from HMRC.
  • Invoices to clients or a letter from your Accountant within this period.
  • Education – Award certificates, letter from school confirming start and end dates.
  • Benefits – A letter from Benefit office, bank statements showing benefit records or a copy of your online benefit account with DWP.
  • Unemployment – Bank statements showing no records of wages or benefits being received/any other relevant documentation.
  • Travel – E.g. Passport stamps, or flight and hotel booking confirmations

Address History

You will be also required to provide copies of two (2) valid documents to prove your current address (see our list of Acceptable Address History Documents) and a copy of your SIA Licence(s) if relevant.

Identity Verification

You will be also required to provide a copy your valid passport or driving licence to prove your identity (see our list of Acceptable ID Documents) and if you are an SIA Holder, a copy of all your SIA Licence(s).

Giving Your Consent

When completing your application you will need to print and hand sign the Consent Form and upload it to your application.

  • Forms without hand-signed consent will not be processed and will be placed on-hold until this is provided or rejected.

What is BS7858?

BS7858 is the Code of Practice for Screening of individuals working in a secure environment.

It covers:

  • 5/10 Year Career Verification
  • Address History
  • Credit Check
  • ID and Right To Work Verification
  • Criminality Check
  • Global Check

BS7858 FAQs

Have a question? Our FAQs at the foot of this page may have the answer.

Contacting the Support Team

We are here to help. You can always email the Support Team directly with any questions you might have about your BS7858 screening.

And you should contact your Sponsor or Employer directly if you would like to find out about the status of your recruitment because we only provide the provide the screening checks on their behalf.

BS7858 FAQs

Why should I apply for my National Insurance records?

As a requirement of the BS7858 Screening Standard we need to verify your work history and National Insurance (NI) records are the ideal method of confirming previous work activity ver the past five/ten years.

Who are Limited are one of the UK’s leading providers of high quality employee background screening services.

Why have I recieved an email to complete BS7858 Application?

We represent your sponsor organisation mostly likely an organisation whom you about to work with or work for in the near future. If you are unsure please contact our team and they will be able to provide additional support. Contact 0191 5887980.

What details do you check?

We verify your ID, 5 year address history, criminality check, 5/10 career history, credit checks and right to work verification. We will contact your previous employers, we also will need evidence for any periods of unemployment, long periods of travel longer than 31 days and other career breaks such as maternity/paternity leave.

How will my personal details be shared and stored?

Your data will only be shared with relevant organisations and entities for the sole purpose of screening checks, such as  the Home Office, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), credit agencies and previous employers. We do not share or sell your information to any other organisation or indvidual(s).

What type of DBS check will you be carrying out and what information will it show?

We will be applying for a Basic DBS check which shows any unspent convictions or cautions you still have which are currently held on file.  If you are unsure if a conviction or caution is spent or unspent, please refer to the website which may guide you in relation to whether you need to declare any past convictions/cautions.

Why do you carry out a Credit Check as part of my BS7858?

The BS7858 Screening Standard requires us to carry out a Consumer Information Search as part of your vetting.  This is what is called a ‘Soft Search’ and should not affect your credit rating.  The Consumer Information Search shows any active/discharged CCJs, insolvencies and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) in your history.  We only search for any information on your address history in the past 5 years and the results of this are sent back to your Sponsor Organisation.

What happens if I have adverse information on my credit report, will that mean I can’t be employed? Limited are responsible for collecting the data on your Consumer Information Search, any recruitment decision based on the information found is made by your Sponsor Organisation.