When should we renew the screening?

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When should we renew the screening?

This is always a decision for the client and must be taken with respect to their own information security risk assessment and HR policies.

BS7858, BPSS and criminal record checks don’t have an expiry date because the information discovered during the checking process will only be accurate as of the moment the checks were carried out.

If someone changes their name, is served a CCJ, or moves house, for instance, a few months after the screening was done, then this would only be discovered by us if we were asked to screen the applicant again, or if they chose to inform us or their employer.

Employee screening is a process of managing risk on an ongoing basis. Even if someone successfully completes a set of screening checks, this doesn’t mean those results will continue to offer an accurate picture of someone’s background at any point in the future. This is why we recommend clients to have a clear policy and process of ongoing risk management for their employees.

This could mean setting a periodic date for renewing screening once a year for example, or more frequently. The law may also require you, depending on which industry you work in, to renew your screening at certain specified intervals or under certain conditions e.g. if an employee leaves your company but then returns after a year.