DBS (Criminality Checks) For Employers

There are three main types of criminality checks within the UK. We offer all three checks being Basic, Standard and Enhanced criminality checks – each level provides a different level of disclosure, assurance and eligibility. If you’re not sure which Criminality check applies to your organisation please call one of our advisor’s  on 08450 217 634 or click the DBS Eligibility button below.

Basic Criminality Check

Used by a wide range of organisations to check for unspent convictions. No specific restriction criteria.

Standard DBS

Standard Disclosure is primarily used for people entering legal or accountancy firms.

Enhanced DBS

For posts that involve work in ‘Regulated Activity’, or for a regulated activity provider with children or vulnerable adults.

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Candidate Information

Employers are obliged to make candidates aware as soon as possible that a criminal record check is a requirement for the job, complying with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.  Staffvetting can assist your HR team to design a recruitment process which complies with the Act.

Spent & Unspent Convictions

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 defines a conviction is deemed spent when a defined period of time (or rehabilitation period) has passed after the individual has been sentenced. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act sets out rehabilitation periods for each type of crime. Once a conviction is spent, it will no longer appear on a basic disclosure certificate. Spent convictions should not negatively count against a candidate.
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All applicants will be asked for consent to apply for any type of criminality check however there are strict eligibility rules regarding Standard and Enhanced DBS checks. Please click on the button below for more details.

DBS Eligibility Check
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